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This niche is highly lucrative and evergreen which means that it can still be profitable even if many years will pass.

This comes with a ready-to-sell e Book complete with graphics...

It was a good product and really helped many people who wanted to quickly start a niche specific blog. We just started updating old PLR blogs here at Pre Made Niches. Some even have theme settings panel that are hard to configure especially for beginners who don’t know how to edit the underlying PHP codes. Are you looking for pre made turnkey websites that you can buy and resell for quick profit?

There is no need to change or replace your configuration files and all functions associated with affiliate IDs and ads are ALL handled from option pages in the Blog Admin area!Ever wanted to enter the personal development niche?Here’s a unique PLR blog targeting the self improvement market.Using an easily manageable tool a fully functioning Amazon affiliate store has been integrated into each of the blogs * Ready to go out-of-the-box review website. * Built in related Clickbank Ads and Reviews * 1 minute or less, edit for affiliate links * Layout matches blog colors and graphics * PSD image files included so you can brand it as you want * Blogs are far more powerful than websites for ranking higher on the search engines!Everything is handled from within the blog admin areas so you can add new pages and categories very easily - there's no need for any separate software or html design skills.

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