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We asked about the alternative methods to contact customer service.

He provided us with the Facebook page and the Twitter page.

We waited approximately 3 minutes prior to speaking with a customer service representative.

The employee sounded pleasant and ready to serve our needs.

One key feature of the site is it allows users to localize results.

When you have a question or concern, you can send an email to the customer service department.

The customer care email here https://go.com/members/contact/index does not require personal information.

The ESPN official website provides access to every sport imaginable.

Customers do not have to register on the site in order to contact a representative, simply call, email or send correspondence through the mail.

Click here to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Because of the multi-layered sequencing, we only play "Love Lies Bleeding" live; with permission it might be neat to play a recording of "Funeral" first (so we can take a break at the same time, rather than simply swapping out songs).

It's Elton's greatest contribution to hard rock, yet even with the heartbreak his ebullient cheer shines on through.

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