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Her short brown hair frames her pretty face perfectly as her bright blue eyes sparkle with desire.

She plays with her bra straps in bed […] Scottish centerfold sweetheart, Georgie Lyall, is a beautiful girl looking gorgeous and seductive in red and black lingerie. Georgie lowers her straps and peels black lace from off of her luscious bosom.

They of course also included my beloved costume designers, who fixed many a figure flaw in order to turn these actresses into icons.

Updated 3/24/14 This information is now also permanently posted on the Sizing and Silhouettes page here on Glam Amor and will be regularly updated for your reference.

Many seem like giants onscreen; Joan Crawford is one who regularly elicits gasps from audiences when they hear how petite she really was.

The illusion was due to the talented production teams--from set designers to clever directors and cinematographers.

You can also learn about vintage sizing there and how it differs from fashion today.

In the tradition of object making, I interpret the action in nature.

Sometimes they come from the costume designers themselves, such as Adrian.

My one of a kind sculptures satisfy an obsession with the tactile as they reveal light, space, and the concept of duality.

The sources of inspiration for my sculpture are the inherent properties in materials and processes as well as everyday naturalistic phenomena.

😉 The first thing most people say when they first see Brandy Robbins is … Removing her tight red bikini top, Lorna lets her huge boobs spill out and reveal their awesome glory.

Danielle Derek has had her breasts enlarged a couple of times since turning 18 and becoming a pornstar.

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